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Nutrition for Medical Diseases | BiomediKcal
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"Our food should be our medicine and our medicine should be our food"  


Nutriton for Medical Diseases

Nutrition is the food intake relative to the dietary needs of the organism. A good nutrition (adequate and balanced diet combined with regular exercise) is a fundamental element of good health. Poor nutrition can reduce immunity, increased susceptibility to disease, alter the physical and mental development, reduce productivity1 have important economic and political implications. The evolution experienced by the western diet is characterized by a high consumption of animal foods, the presence of large amounts of refined products, high energy density; and at the same time, a low consumption of vegetables, manifested by a progressive increase in energy intake from total fat, trans saturated and simple carbohydrates. These dietary changes are accompanied by major changes in habitat and lifestyles and a progressive decline in physical activity and energy expenditures associated with deambulation, work and heat balance. Major cause of death in developing countries is related to diet, alcohol consumption, tobacco and physical activity, linked to a genetic component.2  Is difficult to quantitatively determine the proportion in which diet is responsible for the appearance of health problems, but there is evidence that dietary modifications can substantially reduce diseases.


Different diseases require good support and nutritional control for treatment.3-7 Nutritional therapy of patients with non-professionals or without specialized academic training can not respond in equal measure to food intake.8 In addition to the paucity of proven effective therapies, the incomplete application of existing treatments, the education of patients about their disease, and the transition to care remain major practical barriers to better outcomes.9

BiomediKcal professional staff has the highest university academic preparation and private and public experience in different National Health Services in America and Europe. We do a complete Nutritional Evaluation, Classification of Nutritional Status and Functional Assessment. We can carry out diets based on patient preference type: Celiac Disease, Dissociated, Training / Sports Competition, Mediterranean, Normal, Lacto-Ovo, Vegetarian, Fast among others.


We offer a counseling service, support and / or personalized Medical-Nutritional treatment for the majority of conditions or diseases. Some examples:


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