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"Being obese is not being heavy and    being thin is not being light"

Isaac Kuzmar             


Sports Nutrition


Nutritional intervention in sport, must be applied to support the training and competition, this includes before, during and after sports. 


Bodybuilding competitions are becoming increasingly popular. Competitors are judged on their aesthetic appearance and usually exhibit a high level of muscularity and symmetry and low levels of body fat. Commonly used techniques to improve physique during the preparation phase before competitions include dehydration, periods of prolonged fasting, severe caloric restriction, excessive cardiovascular exercise and inappropriate use of diuretics, proteins intake and anabolic steroids1.


Individual, collective, combat sports, etc., for initiation or performance requires good nutrition.


In BiomediKcal we are specialists in nutrition; we know exactly what your body needs to have success in sports.  The service includes an exercise stress test of the individual or competition teams, to establish a "sports, health diagnosis", evaluating the functional ability of the athlete, allowing medical advice for training and intensity to gain an optimum performance and determination in sports.  A complete report is given to the athlete or the team with all the data and conclusions of the functional assessment and the assessment of the nutritional status; conducting a wide anthropometrical study, advice on specific eating habits for each type of sport or situation, setting goals, reports and the preparation of nutritionally customized guidelines and following up.