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Weight Gain | BiomediKcal
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"Being obese is not being heavy and being thin is not being light"

                                                                         Isaac Kuzmar         


Weight Gain


We are in a global obesity epidemic1. Because of this, for most people it may seem easy to gain weight, but for many others it is very difficult.
Many factors probably are involved in very thin people: genes and hormones may play a role.

Due to the obesity epidemic, social attitudes today promote types of harmonic bodies.  People which are very thin "look sick"; for example, fashion models. Which, with their slim figure sometimes looks cachectic, and start being excluded or criticized.


Because of this, very thin people start to be more concerned to pay more attention to weight and shape, have a negative self-image, and even they eat food, they have weight gain problems.


​Sometimes very thin people are classified as patients with anorexia, but this is not so. They are people who lead a normal life, study, work, have families, do not have anxiety disorders, are not perfectionists; what happens is they eat and can not gain weight.


Very thin people who want to gain weight, are generally women of fertile age and teenagers who want to increase their muscle mass and improve their body image.​2,3 A frequent issue for women who want to gain weight in general and not only muscle mass, is finding a suitable and realistic diet because diets to gain muscle mass tend to be more directed to sportsmen, thus posing a totally disproportionate intake for an average type of woman.4


Having a very low weight, besides not being aesthetic, it can even cause of health problems.

In BiomediKcal we are specialists in nutrition; we perfectly know the metabolism of the human body; we will do a complete medical-nutritional assessment, finding the cause of the problem, and so, help you gain weight in a healthier and safer way.