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Weight Loss | BiomediKcal
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"Being obese is not being heavy and  being thin is not being light"

Isaac Kuzmar           


Weight Loss


In the market, there are numerous "miracle diets" and "invasive or non-invasive cosmetic decreasing size procedures" that represents a health risk; very few enjoy scientific credibility and are made by people without the adequate academic-professional training and mainly for economic purpose. DO NOT LEAVE YOUR HEALTH ON UNSKILLED HANDS. 


In BiomediKcal we are specialists in nutrition; the method is the product of our own scientifc research, and eventough is used in developed countries institutions, nobody knows it better than us, because we are the creators. We know that the best way to help people is through education, therefore: Request your appointment for more information and to initiate treatment, or continue reading more on the subject of obesity:


Advances in agriculture and feeding systems, promote the availability of food; in addition, societies development and changes in dietary consumption patterns related to economic development lead to adverse outcomes in health1. In emerging and developed countries, obesity is the most common nutritional disorder, being the fifth leading risk factor for death worldwide, with more than 2.8 million deaths as a direct result; 65% of the world population affected live in countries that include high and medium2 income.


Obesity has become one of the greatest epidemics of our century, closely linked to the habits and feeding behavior, which does not seem to recognize geographical or sociodemographic limits3. A high percentage of the Spanish adult population has overweight, which places it in an intermediate position in the whole EU-15, led by Germany and the United Kingdom4.


The prevalence of obesity in the United States increased during the last decade of the twentieth century5, which caused shock among professionals dedicated to public health, nutritionists, politicians; among others, who expected a decrease in the percentage of obesity6, prompting the term "epidemic" to this phenomenon, being the first case of chronic noncommunicable disease (NCD); it soon became apparent that this phenomenon has repeated in many countries; so it went on to become a global epidemic that also included the developing countries and emerging economies, in many cases reaching a higher malnutrition rate7.


The physiology of obesity is simple: increased energy reserves due to a increased caloric intake and/or decreased energy expenditure8. Because of its prevalence, obesity has become a very common reason for consultation9.


On the Caribbean coast of Colombia, it has shown that the prevalence of obesity and risk factors is similar to that of developed countries.10  Abdominal obesity has been associated with metabolic abnormalities, increasing the risk of diabetes mellitus and coronary artery disease, characterizing the metabolic syndrome; therefore, one of its factors, the measurement of waist circumference should be important for the treatment of obesity11.

The concept of "ideal weight" has been instilled in the overall population, when what really matters to a patient is the desired look12. The appearance or perception of body image is defined as the body shape which is performed by the mind, added to which is made up of subjective representations of physical appearance13. The concept of body image varies throughout life, based on social influences and experiences that influence behavior14.

Overweight and obesity represent a threat to the health of the population in a growing number of countries​1. The prevalence of obesity increases with age15,16; in turn, it has experienced an alarming increase worldwide; therefore we can say that we are in the midst of a global obesity epidemic17.


Obesity increases the risk of mortality in respiratory, circulatory disease and cancer, so it is essential to make an early diagnosis18.
Excess cardiovascular and musculoskeletal diseases related to body mass index (BMI) become a good predictor of work disability at an early age19.

As the population of a country becomes obese, a larger proportion of total annual health expenditure is spent on obesity and related diseases20.

Higher rates of overweight youth found in different countries may be related to factors that affect energy balance21.

The decrease in energy expenditure and increased energy consumption are considered the most important creators of obesity, as increased by the intake of foods high in calories through high consumption of fast foods and soft drinks, low intake of fruits and vegetables; on the other hand, the level of physical activity in children and youth has been reduced due to the large amount of time devoted to television, motorized transport and reducing opportunities for exercise in the community and in educational institutions22; therefore consuming less calories with healthy food choices and being physically active can help patients achieve and maintain an ideal weight and reducing the risk of chronic disease and promoting health.


Loss and weight maintenance are common concerns for men and women, most people trying to lose weight used as a common strategy to consume less fat, but fewer calories, indicating that they are not using the recommended combination of low calorie diet associated with physical activity23.


The therapeutic objectives of weight loss are aimed at improving or eliminating the comorbidities associated with obesity and reducing the impact of future medical complications related to excess weight.






BiomediKcal Method



With over three years of scientific research and approximately 300 patients from different age groups and both sexes; we developed a successful method to lose weight. The method henceforth be called BiomediKcal has been created by our director, Doctor Isaac Kuzmar; serving as a new therapeutic approach in the treatment of obesity that has become part of his doctoral thesis, giving the university tribunal the highest grade: Cum Laude.  The conclusions of  the BiomediKcal method have been used to create and modify action plans against obesity in developed countries like Norway. His research is available to all individuals and the scientific community in PubMed, Google Scholar and the repository of the University of Alicante, among others.



​The method consists of medical-nutritional assessments; helped with the most advanced body composition analyzer and an indirect calorimeter validated for conducting scientific research that are found only in the most advanced hospitals and nutrition centers in Europe and the United States; with continuous personalized diets for an initial period of 16 weeks, during which you will see as you lose weight in a healthy way, changing your lifestyle to a completely healthy.  We help and accompany you throughout the process. In turn, we include and offer our Lipolytic Cream formulation made in Europe under rigorous standards of production, in compliance with all European manufacturing and marketing standards and Invima´s registration in Colombia, to complement a significant improvement in your body image and self-esteem.




In BiomediKcal we are specialists in nutrition; the method is the product of our own scientific research, even tough institutions in developed countries are using it, nobody knows it better than us, because we are the creators. 









BiomediKcal Enteral Diet


Being obese increases the risk of diabetes, heart disease, stroke, arthritis and certain types of cancer. If you are obese, losing at least 5 to 10 percent of your weight may delay or prevent some of these diseases1-24.


The BiomediKcal Enteral Diet is a Complete Diet (Carbohydrates, Lipids, Proteins, Vitamins and Minerals) of Low or Very Low Caloric Content (VLCD) with strict control and performed by a Clinical Nutrition Doctor for 24 to 45 days in patients where it is necessary to reduce 5 to +10 percent of their weight and reduce body measurements quickly in order to reduce the impact of associated comorbidities on the quality of life of the patient. Weight loss achieved in the long term (1 year) with a DMBC is similar to that obtained with conventional hypocaloric diets25.


It is indicated for those people with normal weight, overweight or obese who do not have time, availability or facility to relizar a conventional nutritional treatment, those people who have trouble managing anxiety, those people who are tired of dieting, tired of taking "shakes" ", tired of taking risky medications; that is, all those people who want to lose fat percentage, lose measures + secondary weight reduction in a fast and safe way. The expected results will be greater than those of an intragastric balloon and / or a gastric bypass and / or gastric sleeve without the complications of an anesthetic and / or surgical procedure. For the professional evaluation, it is necessary to take the result of some analytics requested at the time of the appointment.


In a FIRST Phase the person is given a medical-nutritional assessment, the viability of the treatment and its duration will be determined. If approved, we proceed to implant a COMPLETE personalized enteral feeding with Carbohydrates + Lipids + Proteins, among other ingredients, depending on the metabolic requirement of the person for 10-12 days and extend up to a maximum of 30 days. In a SECOND Phase you will prepare for a normal life for two weeks, based on a progressive intake of solid foods and / or personalized nutritional supplements. Throughout the program, patient will remain under medical supervision, personalized enteral nutrition will be medically controlled, a physical exercise medical program and food re-education protocol will be scheduled. Once the protocol is finished, patients can continue to lose weight and measures, seeking a change in their lifestyle.


There are patients who need only one (1) BiomediKcal Enteral Diet Protocol and there are others who need to prolong it and / or repeat it every so often if the patient's nutritional condition warrants it. If the patient needs more than one (1) Protocol and decides to extend the FIRST Phase, only part of the supplies will be needed, which reduces the economic value of the investment. Ask about the promotional package. Method result of our own research, is registered in Clinical Trials. At the moment, it is not available in any other center or has been performed by another medical professional. We can expand the information in consultation with videos and photos of multiple patients. All your doubts will be clarified.


The most indicated and the best option is always to change the eating habits along with physical activity to modify the lifestyle. At BiomediKcal we are specialists in clinical nutrition; our method gives very good results.















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